This is where I will upload all my required submissions. 

Life At The Lake.doc Life At The Lake.doc
Size : 22.5 Kb
Type : doc


            This was an assignment called "Ten". We were supposed to use paragraphs or stanzas to create a series of moments on one topic. This was my first and only draft because everyone really liked it and had no comments. I spent a good amount of time on this. It took a while to get a topic to write about and after that it was really easy getting the stanzas. My mom was pretty much the one who gave me the idea of "life at the lake". She also helped me get some of the stanzas together. Overall, after I got the idea, I did most of the work.

Monologue Edits.docx Monologue Edits.docx
Size : 13.672 Kb
Type : docx


            This was part of a project where we took a monologue done by Studs Terkel and presented it to the class and parents. We were told to edit down the monologue into a 1-2 minute script. That is what this is. This is my second draft if I'm correct, it was a while ago. It did not take nearly as long as some others in my class because my monologue started off a lot shorter. This is a monologue of Hamilton Fish. He was a congressman around the time of WWII.             

One Moment.docx One Moment.docx
Size : 13.818 Kb
Type : docx


            This was an assignment called "One Moment". We were supposed to write a moment about a character that we make. I had a draft before this but I did not like it. Actually, we did a drill in class that made us rewrite our piece w/o reading off of it. The rewritten piece was a lot better, in my opinion. So I used that. I spent a lot of time on it. It took me a while to think up a plot line, but after that it was a little easier. It was supposed to help us really get specific and delve deep into the character so anyone who reads it can tell you a lot about the character. I think it worked.

Expressive Piece.docx Expressive Piece.docx
Size : 17.218 Kb
Type : docx


             This assignment was called "Expressive Piece." Students will compose an autobiographical first-person essay about an influential person, place, and/or time. We did practices in class in our writing journal writing about people, places, or objects. I had TONS of drafts on this assignment. I also spent a lot of time on it. I had lots of different ideas but they all failed. I finally got this idea but it took a long time to get right. I got a lot of help from my mom and dad getting to this idea and helping to get it right.

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